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Welcome to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System
Supporting the Emergency Radio Responder in all of us!

The Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. (ARRG) is an Oregon Non-Profit 501C (3) public service organization. ARRG owns and operates the eighteen plus VHF and UHF repeaters that make up the statewide K7RPT Repeater system.

ARRG provides professionally built communication repeaters, radios and support at no cost to the Amateur Radio Community, members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Community Emergency Response Teams, Mountain Wave Search & Rescue, Washington/Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue. Oregon Emergency Management and hundreds of Emergency Radio First Responders during time of need.

 Our system ARRG’s repeaters are located on mountain top repeater sites, many of which are co-located on Broadcast Radio/TV towers and hardened Public Safety sites around the state.

ARRG supports many Public Service events in the community. We do this by setting up and operating portable repeaters and dispatch gear for events like the Hood to Coast and Portland to Coast Relay, Reach the Beach, Cycle for Life ride and Race for the Cure events.

ARRG was founded in 1977 and we are currently celebrating our 42nd year of providing quality repeater service to the Amateur Radio Community. We provide our repeaters and technical expertise free to the community and to any Emergency Services group which needs communications. ARRG survives solely on your tax-deductible donations, so consider supporting ARRG by clicking on the 'donate' button below.

If you are New to Amateur Radio or just new to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System, our technical team members are here to assist you by answering questions, chatting up your Ham related questions and generally going above and beyond by providing you in person help and support.

If you are interested in becoming a trained repeater technican for ARRG or your local club,
please download, read & study the following .pdf help guide
2020 Technical Team Helper Guide
K7RPT Repeater News
Note: Almost live Tech Team updates and project pictures are available by checking out the live Facebook scroll window above/right. 

March 1st, 2020: New, beefed up 442.225 System Fusion repeater installed. The new 442.225 will sport a new external amplifier capable of three time the current operating power of .225.  Notes that due to illegal use of the 442.225 input and tone of 100.0 hz by certain imported walkies, th new 442.225 will operate on 103.5 HZ. Please reporigram your radios.

February 10, 2020 - South Saddle Issues: The 147.320 antenna and feedline suffered major water damage during Januaries record rainfall.

South Saddle is such a harsh environment and often gets up to 125 mph wind gusts from the Pacific Ocean.

Even if everything is installed to spec, with perfect connector and antenna weatherproofing used, a single drop of salt water can find its way into any crevice or hairline crack by the high winds and this builds up both water and damaging corrosion inside our antenna radome and cables.

Members of the ARRG Technical Team 4X4'd through ice and snow on 02/09/2020 to reach and then diagnose the system. Currently, the 147.320 is operating at reduced power on a much lower gain Diamond base antenna. Both 147.320 and 442.325 are linked back together again. Thanks to all your donations in 2014, ARRG purchased a new $1500.00 Telewave Commercial antenna and hardline for the site. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be once again purchasing either a new antenna or hardline once again when spring hits.

December 26, 2019:

The new K7RPT DMR 440.5125 + Repeater was installed on the Sylvan Tower and is operational and linked to the entire world DMR system. We also have a special ARRG Talk Group available for current ARRG members and supporters. Visit the page to learn more. If you need help programming your DMR Radio or have questions about the PNWDNO DMR system, please contact any of the following users over the air on the ARRG Tech Repeater at 442.225 + 100Hz:  Marc-W7PM,  Paul-K7PN,  Joel- N7LF or Evan-KJ7BRE.


November 1st, 2019: Changed the Sylvan 444.400 back to our old frequency of 442.225 + 100hz and the Quantar was swapped back out to the Yaesu System Fusion Repeater (which is running in AMS mode).

The 444.400 Quantar Experiment has ended. It did help reduce the adjacent channel interference to a good degree, however, we were still getting squelch crashes on the Motorola. The TV station (whom we share antenna space with) added two new high powered digital repeaters for their field users and we learned that their output on 450.025 and 450.050 was near our input on 449.400. Our three antennas are also just a few feet apart on the tower. As soon as we changed frequency and retuned our duplexers down to 442.225, the noise went away. We plan on keeping 442.225 as the defacto repeater frequency from this point forward. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

September 24, 2019: Tonight, with the help of KF7JCK and KI7AML, the Sylvan 444.400 repeater, which is a Yaesu DR2X FM/C4FM machine, was swapped out to a Motorola Quantar. We did this as a test to see if the loud white noise and squelch tail crashes would go away, by using a higher quality, tighter RX front end repeater. The Quantar appears to be working well, but might need a bit of touch up tuning, as the Quantar seems to have less sensitivity compared to the Yaesu we replaced it with. Obviously, there is no digital available on 444.400 while the Quantar test is going on.

September 20, 2019 -  K7WW, W7JDT and W7PM travelled to Timberline to work on the ailing 147.120 repeater system. We found the panel antennas to have a pretty high SWR of 1:8:1, so we installed a single bay VHF loop antenna facing Portland, which the repeater will run on for the next week or so.

KE7CF and W7PM plan on going up to the site again on 09/26/2019 to install a new set of cans (duplexers) and replace coax the mice have chewed through. We intend to go ahead and hook back up to the higher gain wall mounted panel antennas, even with their higher than usual SWR. They simply have more gain and consist of two co-phased bays looking South into Bend and West into Portland.


K7RPT Repeater Fund Upgrade Fund

You can donate any amount, you decide!

ARRG is an approved Oregon Charity and is a 501 (c)3 Public Service Team. All donations are tax deductible.

Click in the donate button to securely donate any amount to the ARRG Antenna fund.


K7RPT Community Assistance

Did you know that ARRG often refurbishes donated gear we receive so we can in turn repurpose the gear by getting it into the hands of new Ham's in our Community? 

We are always looking for your tax deductible donation of good used gear, repeaters and mobiles to use as linking radios. We also appreciate receiving your donation of test equipment, wattmeter's, coax, hardline, commercial and ham antennas, towers and rotors. You name it, we'll help you get rid of it by picking it up and providing you an itemized tax deductible receipt.

Long Distant Communications
Long distance walkie QSO from Mary's Peak to the Mt. Hood Timberline repeater on 147.120. Check out Roland, KG7FOP who was working Josh Richesin, K7JLR, via a 5 watt radio.
Mary's Peak is about 100 miles from the Timberline repeater.
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