CELEBRATE ARRG's 40th all year!


Amateur Radio Relay Group 

CELEBRATE ARRG's 40th all year!

Did you know?

In 2017, ARRG will be celebrating 40 Years of providing quality repeater services to the Amateur Radio Community.

To help us celebrate , sometime in July 2017, we will be throwing a day long get together and all you can eat BBQ Potluck. More on this later!

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Join us for the next upcoming
ARRG  Breakfast  Get  Together
Saturday, January 21st, 2017 at 0900 hrs.
Elmer's 1250 NW Waterhouse Ave, Beaverton, Or. Just off 26 and Cornell

Meet and get to know ARRG members and maybe find an Elmer at Elmer's.

The monthly ARRG breakfast meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month. The breakfast start at 0900 and go through to about 1030 hrs. ARRG meets in one of the private private conference rooms in Elmers. Family members and friends that are interested in ham Radio are always welcome. Elmer's is a little more pricey than normal breakfast places, so come prepared to spend above $10 for a complete breakfast.

December 29th, 2016
- ARRG received over $15k of repeater gear that will help towards upgrading the aging K7RPT Repeater System. More below.

The ARRG Safety Radio Team has once again been asked to provide Dispatch, SAG and Rest Stop Communications for the 2017 Annual Cycle for Life Ride. The event will be Saturday, July 15th, 2017 and will be held once again at the Oak Knoll Winery located in Aloha, Oregon. Members who would like to join the ARRG Radio Safety Team, which takes care of these types of annual events; should contact ARRG at k7rpt@arrg.org for more information.

ARRG is Public Service through Technology

As an Oregon Non Profit 501C (3) public service organization, the Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) builds and maintains the 17 wide area VHF/UHF repeater systems that make up the K7RPT System.
ARRG offers all types of Public Service support by providing quality communications facilities to State and Local Emergency Preparedness Teams such as ARES, CERT and several Search & Rescue Groups, all at no charge to that agency or group.
When our repeaters are not being used for emergency training or daily Nets, they are open to any licensed Ham in our Community. In an effort to support our community during times of emergency, we have the equipment and trained people who can set up a mobile Net Control/Dispatch Center within a just a few hours time. Annually, we also provide ARRG Volunteers and radio gear to many special events like the annual Hood to Coast race, Reach the Beach race, Cycle for Life Ride, Race for the Cure, Portland Marathon and even more!
On December 29th, 2016,
received an awesome
596 lb.
Christmas Present!
On the Fifth Day of Christmas, our Awesome Benefactors gave to us...

Five Quantar Stations
Four Sided Crate
3 Moto Duplexers
2 Service Manuals
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Marc Peterson, W7PM, Warren Winner, W7JDT and Mark Pierce, KC7NYR opening the present.

Marc Peterson, W7PM and Warren Winner, W7JDT further tearing down the crate.

Two cabinets full of gear. Left Cabinet shows two Quantar Repeaters, right has three.

A huge “thank you” goes out to IT Tech Direct from Annapolis, MD for this wonderful donation of repeater equipment. This new gear will allow us to further upgrade and modernize the aging K7RPT Repeater system. This boon will be of great benefit to our Users and to the many ARES, CERT and SAR teams that rely on the K7RPT Repeater System.

K7RPT Repeater Changes and Upgrades

Through our wonderful partnership with the Hood to Coast Radio team, the 146.720 - 114.8Hz, located up on Wickiup Mountain, is now part of the K7RPT Repeater System.

The repeater covers the Coast Range and is located on a a ridge just East of Astoria, Oregon.

The repeater is now linked fulltime with South Saddle 147.320 system and carries the nightly ARES D1 Net all the way to the beach.


New W7PM and K7ZS System Fusion Repeater on Bald Peak

Bald Peak, Hillsboro  442.250 + 100.Hz System Fusion FM & Digital

Timberline System has expanded via two new linked Central Oregon Repeater

Eagle Butte 442.225 + 114.8  located at Warm Springs and covers Hood to Bend. The site is at 3800' and linked f/t into Timberline 147.120.

Cinder Butte - Redmond 147.040 + 114.8 -This repeater replaced the old Awbrey Butte repeater. During the summer of 2017, the plan is to  move the 147.040 from Cinder Butte in Redmond, all the way up to the 5800' level at a new building located on Grizzly Ridge.

We'll help you with your Amateur Radio Estate and Electronics Gear cleanup!


We believe in helping families of Ham's who need help dismantling old ham shacks, taking down antennas and towers.

Our team can usually do this without added cost to the estate. Please write us and let us know what your particular situation is. We'll be happy to send one of our technical team out to meet and discuss your needs and make a plan.

Our cleanup removal cost is offset by any and all equipment donations to ARRG. 100% of all equipment donated to ARRG, Inc. and is usually fully tax deductible. ARRG is an official Oregon Charity and operates under the IRS 501c(3) charter. Our team of experts will help you clean up a Shack and properly sell or donate your loved ones Ham and electronic gear to our fully tax deductible Amateur Radio Public Service team. Contact Marc Peterson, W7PM at w7pm@live.com for more information.

Long Distant Comms
Long distance walkie QSO from Mary's Peak to the Mt. Hood Timberline repeater on 147.120.
Check out Roland, KG7FOP who was working Josh Richesin, K7JLR, via a 5 watt radio.
Mary's Peak is about 100 miles from the Timberline repeater.
 Just a reminder that ARRG up to the minute news and events are always announced first via our FACEBOOK page. 

Web Hosting for ARRG is provided as a Public Service by our friends over at
Canvas Dreams, Portland 

K7RPT Emergency Repeater/Antenna Fund


After years of hard work cleaning up Ham Estates and refurbishing and selling gear at the ARRG tables at SeaPac and Rickreall, we had built up a a solid savings amount in our Emergency Repeater and Antenna fund. Unfortunately, over the past 2 years of several record breaking storms, several of our repeater sites and their antenna systems where damaged beyond repair. These damaged sites included the 147.040 at South Saddle, the 147.040 and 442.225 located at Sylvan (KOIN) and lastly the 145.260 on Mt. Fanny.


 We don’t like to ask for extra donations, because each of you already support the K7RPT system with your annual dues and in your help maintaining the system, but Nature dealt us a couple heavy blows last year.


If you could help out throughout the year, above and beyond your annual dues, ARRG would really appreciate it. All donations go right back into the repeater fund and we don’t use it for anything else.

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