Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc.
An Oregon Non-Profit Public Service Team since 1977
Operating the K7RPT Repeater System

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Portland to Salem
Metro Area Repeaters

Sylvan Hill
147.040 + 100.0 hz 
442.225 + 100.0 hz Fusion
(linked to 444.125)

Cedar Mill
147.380 + 100.0 hz
443.750 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime)
EchoNode K7RPT-R

Chehalem Ridge
444.125 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Sylvan 442.225)

444.400 + 100.0 hz
(linked South Saddle)
EchoNode AC7QE-R

South Saddle Mountain
147.320 + 100.0 hz
442.325 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Skyline 444.400)
EchoNode K7RPT-L

Mt. Hood
147.120 + 100.0 hz
444.225 + 100.0 hz 

Affiliated Repeaters

Bald Peak System Fusion

442.250 + 100.0 HZ
Owned by W7PM and K7ZS

Regional Repeaters

Central Oregon

Cinder Butte
Redmond / Bend

147.040 + 114.8 hz
-linked to Mt. Hood and Eagle Butte

Eagle Butte
Warm Springs
442.225 + 114.8hz
-linked to Mt. Hood and Cinder Butte

La Grande
147.260 + 103.5.0 hz

147.020  + Open
*Dec 15 - off air due to
 losing our site.


145.330 -  Open

ARRG supports the Annual Cystic Fibrosis Cycle for Life Ride

July 16, 2016

2016 Cycle for Life Ride     Marc Douglas, AE7KK Net Control

Left: Radio Safety Team being led by Marc Peterson, W7PM and Joe Boyd, the CF Director     Right: Marc Douglas, AE7KK operating Net Control

 For the third year in a row, dozens of ARRG members and other area Amateur Radio volunteers came together to as the CFL Radio Safety Team.

Our team not only provided 14 volunteers, we also brought along all the radio equipment needed to set up a two Net Control radio positions, the NC operators, Rest Stop operators and four SAG (Support and Gear) operators and their vehicles.


Net Control was setup at the start/finish line which was located at the Oak Knoll Winery in Hillsboro. Special thanks to Pat Roberson, W7PAT, Jenny Roberson, KA7JNY, Marc Douglas, AE7KK and of course Lynn Burrell, KE7WKM for setting up all the radios, antennas and portable phone system in Lynn’s beautiful motor home he provided for the entire event.


OMSI Maker's Faire Amateur Radio Educational Event

  The event will be on Saturday 09/10/16 and Sunday 09/11/2016 and operate from 10AM to 5 PM daily


Display and Table Help Needed

ARRG is once again leading the Amateur Radio presence for the 2016 OMSI Mini Maker's Faire. We have a great air conditioned space that we need to fill with interactive displays that will teach and educate the public about Amateur Radio.


We are currently seeking other groups or individuals who would like to build a interactive Amateur Radio display covering your favorite Ham Radio topic.

We still have several open 8' tables (displays) available. ARRG will be setting up two HF and VHF/UHF radio positions in hopes of getting people on the air.


Other topics we’d like to see covered in the space are Emergency Preparedness, Info about ARES and CERT, info about Ham Radio and how to get licensed, technical topics like APRS, MESH or Digi formats or any topic that uses Ham Radio that you think would be exciting and educational. Groups or Individuals will not have to pay for booth space when coming into the ARRG space. Please contact Marc Peterson, W7PM at if you are interested in helping design and setup a table display.


As an Oregon Non Profit 501C (3) public service organization, the Amateur Radio Relay Group provides wide area repeater systems which provides both emergency communications training and traffic handling and for normal  day to day uses by the Amateur Radio community. ARRG owns and operates the 16 repeaters which make up the entire K7RPT repeater system. Our repeaters are strategically positioned around Oregon State, with more being designed and put together for future expansion and for the overall good of the Amateur Radio community.


Our communications system is currently used by State and Local Emergency Service teams, Amateur Radio Emergency Service teams, Community Emergency Response teams, Search & Rescue and by dozens of other service organizations.


When not used for Public Service events or Nets, the K7RPT repeater system is made available for use by any properly FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator.


Over the years, the K7RPT system has been used as an important 'lifeline' during times of accident, injury and disaster when local landline, Cellular or Police/Fire communications have failed. The K7RPT repeater facilities are often located within existing Public Safety facilities and all have emergency power backup via generator and battery backup. With an emphasis on emergency preparedness, our repeater facilities are built to withstand most manmade and natural disaster scenarios. 


We still need your help! 


For the Repeater and Antenna Upgrade Project

You decide, from $10 to $1000, we are a 501 (c)3 team and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Click in the donate button to securely donate any amount to the ARRG Antenna fund.

Your donation to ARRG (we are an official non-profit 501(C)3) is tax deductible.


New for 2016

Automatic Deduction Contribution Support

For those that want to give a little more through small monthly automatic contributions.

Ongoing Monthly Support to ARRG
Monthly ARRG Support Plan

Annual Membership Dues are not yet able to be covered by this system. This is just for those who have asked for a monthly 'extra' donation system. Automatic payments are set up without any end date. Simply contact us at to stop collecting.


Please make sure to print out your PayPal receipt as proof for your tax records or contact if you need a full receipt letter.


Don't have a credit card and still wish to make a difference by donating?  Please send a check to

ARRG, Inc.  PO Box 91213, Portland, OR. 97291

Monthly ARRG Breakfast Meeting


Amateur Radio or Emergency Services ARRG meets for breakfast every third Saturday of the month.

 The next monthly ARRG Breakfast get together will be Saturday August 20th at 9 AM at the Peppermill Restaurant  located at 17455 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR 97007


System Fusion Digital Analog System

RRG is now running the latest DR1X System Fusion Platform

The System Fusion DR1X repeater is operational in auto AMS mode on our Sylvan Hill site on 442.225 + 100.0 hz.

And we have a second DR1X running on 442.250 + 100.0 hz on Bald Peak.

ARRG's System Fusion Repeater System


We'll Help you with your Pre-Estate and Post Estate Amateur Radio and Electronics Gear Cleanup!


100% of all equipment donated to ARRG, Inc. is fully tax deductible. ARRG is an official Oregon Charity and operates under the IRS 501c(3) charter.Our team of experts will help you clean up a Ham's Shack and properly sell or donate your loved ones

Ham's gear to one or more fully  tax deductible Amateur Radio Public Service teams.

Contact Marc Peterson, W7PM at for more information.

Mt. Hood 100 mile trip
Check out Roland, KG7FOP working Josh, KE7CXS via the 147.120 machine.
Roland was on Mary's Peak, about 100 air miles from the Timberline repeater.

New K7RPT Repeaters  on the Air  October 5, 2015

The 147.120 Timberline System just expanded it's footprint farther into Central Oregon. Both the repeaters below are linked fulltime into Mt. Hoiod.

Eagle Butte 442.225 + 114.8  located at Warm Springs and covers Hood to Bend. The site is at 3800' and linked f/t into Timberline147.120

Cinder Butte - Redmond 147.040 + 114.8 replaced the old Awbrey Butte repeater, eventually will be moved up to our building on Gray Butte.


SEAPAC was incredibly entertaining this year. The entire organization really appreciates each one of you who stopped by to say hello or who supported ARRG by purchasing raffle tickets or buying gear from off the upstairs ARRG swap table.

Congrats to the 2016 ARRG raffle winners

A special thanks goes out this year for our 'booth' team and we wish to thank Warren Winner, W7JDT and his wife Barb  for helping to setup and fill in at the booth. A very special thanks goes out to our booth manager, Dale Justice, K7WW and his better half, Mary for all their hard work, setup, booth fill in and take down.

We also appreciate the wonderful energy and work that the following people put in by manning both the
Member ARRG booth and the swap table upstairs.

 Darin Miller, W7DMX  ♦ Marc Douglas, AE7KK ♦  Gerard Davis, KE7CF  ♦ Marc Peterson, W7PM ♦  Pat Roberson, W7PAT


About ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System


This is the official site of the Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc, otherwise known as ARRG.

 ARRG owns and operates the 16 repeaters that make up the K7RPT repeater system.


We are a technical communication team and our primary purpose is to build, install and maintain modern repeater communication systems for use by Amateur Radio Community.


ARRG also freely provides our repeater systems for the use of emergency / disaster communications teams which include State, County and City Agencies, as well as the ARES D1 group, Beaverton CERT, Search & Rescue Teams and many other public service organizations in and Oregon State and the surrounding area.


The repeater group that was to become ARRG started back in 1972 with its very first repeater on South Saddle Mountain and later became officially incorporated as ARRG by the State of Oregon in October 1977.

ARRG is one of Oregon's original Amateur Radio groups and is still one of the larger Amateur Radio teams that are active.

ARRG has been a American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated group since February 1983.


ARRG, Inc. is an Oregon Non Profit Charitable Organization and we are a tax deductible 501 C 3 group.

Just a reminder that up to the minute repeater news and events are always announced on our FACEBOOK page first!
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Web Hosting for ARRG is provided as a Public Service by our friends over at
Canvas Dreams, Portland Copyright 2016 ARRG Inc.

July 6, 2016
The YSF (System Fusion Page was just updated. We've added 50 new YSF repeaters into the repeater guide. Please check it out here

July 1, 2016
The Astoria Wickiup 444.125 + 100 Hz test repeater was installed.
The repeater has a fulltime link into the South Saddle System.
The site was found to have terrible site noise, so this probably won't be a permanent home for the 444.125.

April 19-25, 2016
The 444.125 Chehalem Ridge site is being upgraded with a new antenna and 30' tower.The frequency will be changing from 444.125 to
444.400 + 100Hz sometime April 25th.

ARRG Leadership News
Greetings Everyone,
The Officers and the Board of Directors of ARRG are very pleased to announce that the following leadership changes were made during tonight's ARRG Board Meeting.

Darin Miller, W7DMX
- Darin has served on the Repeater Technical Team and as a general Board Member for some years now. Tonight he was nominated and by unanimous vote, approved as an Officer and Corporate Secretary.

Josh Richesin, K7JLR -
Josh has been very active over the past year assisting on the Repeater Technical Team. Tonight he was nominated and by unanimous vote, approved as a new ARRG Board Member.

The entire Board is thrilled to be working with such fine people of such high technical caliber. ARRG is very lucky to have both Darin and Josh on our team.

In closing, I wanted to publicly thank
Peter Jones, KE7CKB
for his ten years of service to ARRG. Peter served many years as an Officer and as our Corporate Secretary, he also served as an active member of the Repeater Technical Team and we appreciate all his expertise in building and maintaining the K7RPT Repeater System. Peter will be greatly missed by his peers here at ARRG.

Join me in congratulating everyone on their new positions and also in wishing Peter and his young family all the best as they move forward with their new and exciting adventure.
Marc Peterson, W7PM
President, ARRG, Inc.


In our goal to offer the nightly ARES District One Net better coverage into the five counties that the D1 serves, the ARRG technical team is testing a new linking system that will connect both the South Saddle system and the Sylvan Repeater System on a daily basis.

The D1 net, which is currently carried on the South Saddle System via the 147.320 and 442.325 repeaters is now being carried nightly on the Sylvan Hill Repeater on the KOIN Tower @ 147.040 + 100.0 hz

The new controller we installed and programmed will auto connect and then later auto disconnect the two sites per the following schedule

Regular District 1 Net
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat
Repeaters will automatically link together at 07:15 PM and the link will automatically drop at 8:15 PM

Wednesday 07:15 PM to 9:00 PM
For the D1 and SKYWARN nets: repeaters will automatically link together at 07:15 PM and will stay linked up through the SKYWARN net until about 9:00 PM.

Sunday 07:15 - 10:00 PM

The D1 will be linked up and the system will remain linked throughout the 8PM Neighborhood Emergency Net