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As an Oregon Non Profit 501C (3) public service organization, the Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) provides wide area repeater systems to both emergency communications teams for training and traffic handling purposes and for normal day-to-day use by the regular Amateur Radio community.


ARRG owns and operates 16 VHF and UHF repeaters which make up the statewide K7RPT repeater system. Our communications system is currently used by State and Local Emergency Services, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) groups, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Search & Rescue and by dozens of other public service and disaster preparedness organizations.


Over the years, the K7RPT system has been used as an important lifeline during times of emergency, especially when local landline, cellular or police and fire communications have failed. The K7RPT repeater facilities are often located within existing public safety sites and have emergency power via generator and battery backup. With an emphasis on emergency preparedness, our repeater facilities are built to withstand most manmade and natural disaster scenarios.



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The October 15th Breakfast has been cancelled, please see us down at Swaptoberfest at Rickreall!


Amateur Radio or Emergency Services ARRG meets for breakfast every third Saturday of the month.

 The next monthly ARRG Breakfast get together is tentively set for Saturday November 19th, 2016 at 9 AM at the Peppermill Restaurant  located at 17455 SW Farmington Rd, Aloha, OR 97007. Watch the Facebook page to make sure, the breakfast actually happening will depend on how many members are staying in town for the Holiday.


We'll help you with your Estate Amateur Radio and Electronics Gear cleanup!


We believe in helping families of Ham's who need help dismantling old ham shacks, taking down antennas and towers.

Our team can usually do this without added cost to the estate. Please write us and let us know what your particular situation is. We'll be happy to send one of our technical team out to meet and discuss your needs and make a plan.

Our cleanup removal cost is offset by any and all equipment donations to ARRG. 100% of all equipment donated to ARRG, Inc. and is usually fully tax deductible. ARRG is an official Oregon Charity and operates under the IRS 501c(3) charter. Our team of experts will help you clean up a Shack and properly sell or donate your loved ones Ham and electronic gear to our fully tax deductible Amateur Radio Public Service team. Contact Marc Peterson, W7PM at for more information.

New K7RPT Repeaters or Partner repeater on the Air  October 5, 2016

Wickiup Mountain, Astoria  146.720 - 114.8Hz linked fulltime to 147.320 South Saddle

The repeater may be on 107.2 Hz for the time being.

Bald Peak, Hillsboro  442.250 + 100.Hz System Fusion FM & Digital


The 147.120 Timberline System just expanded it's footprint farther into Central Oregon.

Both the repeaters below are linked fulltime into Mt. Hood.

Eagle Butte 442.225 + 114.8  located at Warm Springs and covers Hood to Bend. The site is at 3800' and linked f/t into Timberline 147.120.

Cinder Butte - Redmond 147.040 + 114.8 replaced the old Awbrey Butte repeater, eventually will be moved up to our building on Gray Butte.

100 mile long distance Walkie QSO to Mt. Hood
Check out Roland, KG7FOP, who was working Josh, KE7CXS, off a 5 watt radio  via the 147.120 machine.
Roland was on Mary's Peak, about 100 air miles from the Timberline repeater.


We Really need your help


After a decade of fundraising over and above what the ARRG members provide through their annual dues, the group had a nice savings fund built up.

Unfortunately, over the past 2 years we were forced to dip into that rainy day fund to cover the cost of replacing both damaged antennas and feedlines at South Saddle and the Sylvan KOIN Tower site.


Two of Portland’s most heavily relied on emergency services repeaters were on the verge of going off the air for an extended period of time. Several large storms, with winds reaching over 100mph damaged the 147.040, 442.225, 147.320 and 442.325 antennas and feedlines.


The damage was such that our wish to take down and repair the antennas and feedline ourselves just wasn’t an option. While the ARRG Tech team did do the complete work at the South Saddle Site, which saved us thousands of dollars, unfortunately, the KOIN Tower is a commercial broadcast facility and we were required to hire a tower contractor to do all the work. By the time we were done, the KOIN repairs ran close to $6900.00


 We don’t like to ask for extra donations, because each of you already support the K7RPT system with your annual dues and in your help maintaining the system, but Nature dealt us a couple heavy blows last year.


If you could help out throughout the year, above and beyond your annual dues, ARRG would really appreciate it. All donations go right back into the repeater fund and we don’t use it for anything else.

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